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What is Agork?

Agork is a company devoted to bring the best of the consumer web experience to the corporate environment. The web is full of amazing sites, boosted by great creativity, always changing and improving. The corporate scenario is, by comparison, extremely slow and very conservative.

Our aim is to capture the best functionalities available on the web and to assemble them so that they are ready for corporate consumption. We focus on the Corporate Business Communities, since they are a small replication of the large web for each company: a world where people live and interact, breathing the company spirit.

We believe the web should be easy, fast and useful - all the modules we offer are selected to be immediately useful, each feature is given long consideration so that we choose only the most important ones. All of our applications are extremely easy to manage, yet very powerful. Again, that's the way web goes. There's no time time for complex applications requiring hours of setup and customization. Now's the time for simple software, it's time for the things people truly need.


Welcome to Agork, an ideal tool for

Features short List-

  • Modular System
  • Easy Navigation
  • Customization
  • Full Text Search
  • Tagging System
  • Graphical Integration
  • Manage Your Advertising
  • more details here

Available Modules

  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • News
  • Media Gallery
  • Newsletters
  • Knowledge Base
  • more details here

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